Sunday, January 20, 2008


Not much fame. Modified fame? Fifteen seconds of fame?

PieceWork magazine generously published a photo of my Russian lace scarf . The pattern appeared in the July/August issue.

I think this is very cool. And the scarf was fun to knit. Details here.


Bridget said...

Fame is fame - congratulations! I showed Tim the picture when I got my issue, and even he was impressed. :-)

I just hope you won't forget those of us who knew you *before* you were famous ...

beadntat said...

Woohoo for you!!!! I'm so glad it was your Russian Lace Scarf they published a photo of. Now I can actually *see* the patterning of the scarf...something that wasn't so clear in the original cream-colored version. I still have this one on my to-knit list.