Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Scarf

I have said this before but I will say it again: I am fortunate that my husband likes to wear things that I knit for him. He has a whole wardrobe of scarves. This latest one is a “souvenir” from our trip to New York City last spring.

We visited a few tourist spots — the New York Public Library main branch is worth a visit, for example — but also some yarn shops, including School Products, which is the mother ship of Karabella yarns, plus all sorts of other interesting things piled in baskets around the shop.

This yarn, for example, was labeled as a merino/yak lace weight tweed. Not something you see every day.

The trick was to find a pattern that would show off the colors and the tweediness. After fooling around with it, I decided on a simple lace pattern that I liked and that he liked.

Some details: size 3.25mm needles; finished size of 9 inches x 68 inches; and weight of 100 grams.

In other news, our house was flamingoed last weekend as part of a Rotary club fundraiser for a scholarship fund for a local high school. As I understand it, someone can pay money to have a flock of 24 flamingos delivered and “planted” for about 48 hours. It was funny, fun, harmless, and done for a good cause. We were kind of sorry to see the flamingos fly away.