Monday, March 12, 2007

More Duchrow

I find the Christine Duchrow patterns fascinating. This one is in Volume I of the Lacis series, "The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow," Leaflet 25, design 1. I knit it with Clark's Big Ball thread, size 30, ecru, on US1 needles. It took one full ball (550 yards) and part (a quarter?) of a second ball. It is approximately 28 inches in diameter.

Duchrow's instructions call for three purl rounds before the bind-off. If I were doing this again, I would purl a round, knit a round and purl a round before the bind-off to reduce the curling. As with several Duchrow patterns, the bind-off instructions in this one are vague; all she says is to bind of in chains and picots. I crocheted off in groups of three stitches with a five-stitch chain in between.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring Flowers

It's spring. At least the violets think so. It looks like I need to get in gear and do some weeding.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Alchemy Haiku — amazing, amazing stuff, mohair and silk. So light, so ethereal, at 325 yards in 25 grams . This is a small Faroese shoulder shawl in the color Spruce, with garter stitch borders and stockinette body, knit on US7 needles. I thought this would be mindless knitting — garter and stockinette, after all — but the yarn is so lightweight that attention must be paid.