Friday, October 05, 2007

Russian Lace

This is the Russian lace scarf from the July/August "PieceWork" magazine. Details:
  • Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Fino, most of one skein, approximately 800 yards of the 875-yard skein. Wonderful yarn!
  • Color: Number 2000, Plum Wine. The color is darker and plummier than the photo shows.
  • Needles: US3
  • Finished size: 12 inches wide by 84 inches long.
This was the scarf where I learned Russian grafting to attach the ending border. Learning this technique required faith in the directions, like the first time I turned a heel on a sock. The written instructions didn't make sense unless and until I had the garment in front of me and did it, step by step. Harrowing, until it works; then the directions are perfectly obvious.


KnitYoga said...

That's beautiful! I'm glad I saw your photo as I have that on my list of to-do patterns but the photo in Piecework didn't show as much detail as in your photo.

Louisa said...

Your version is much prettier than the one in the magazine, Sue! I actually have both issues where it's been published and both times thought "meh" but I'll take a third look now. LOL!!

Bridget said...

Definitely more beautiful than the picture in the magazine!

N. Maria said...

I think the best patterns are that it and it makes sense...kind of like EZ.
Your stole is so beautiful and is on my list of To do's.
Thank you for sharing.

Conan the Knitter said...

Simply Stunning! and its purple, the perfect color for EVERY-thing. :-)

Monika said...

Now that's a beautiful scarf! I didn't know that Piece Work has knitted items in it!