Saturday, August 07, 2010

Beautiful Bags

My friend JJ is an amazingly talented seamstress and designer. She recently went on a bag binge, creating beautiful tote bags. She also taught her techniques to some of her friends. Her skill and design sense result in truly artistic creations.

So I asked her if she could make a bag from a weaving I purchased in Burma in 2000 or thereabouts. It was not the finest weaving in the world but it reflected a memorable time and place for me.

Leave it to JJ to create not one, but two, beautiful tote bags from this length of cloth. Each is interfaced and lined, with an inside pocket and a key-holder clip.

Now I have to start some knitting worthy of JJ's beautiful bags.

JJ is not in the bag business although she sells them (generally $40 to $50 each — a bargain, considering how beautifully made they are) to friends and friends of friends and at a craft fair from time to time.