Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Skills

I picked up this pattern because it contained two techniques I have never done before, and because I had some yarn in stash that would be suitable.

The first technique is a Shetland construction of the center triangle. Maybe I have done this before, but not recently. The other technique is working with different sizes of needles to create the stripe effect. I like the Shetland construction but I am not as crazy about the two-needle-sizes technique but I think it works here and I am glad I tried it. I really like a picot bind-off, which I have done before.

The details:
  • Pattern: Simmer Dim by Gudrun Johnson at The Shetland Trader.
  • Yarn: Louet Gems, 100% merino wool, 185 yards/50 grams, 2 skeins, Pink Panther
  • Needles: US5 and US10
  • Finished size: 15 inches center back


Bridget said...

It's gorgeous! Her patterns are so interesting in their construction. I had the chance to meet her last fall, when she visited the LYS - such a nice person, too.

joan said...

Sorry to be a copycat, but just finished this shawlette with the indigo-dyed merino/silk I brought home from A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland. It's heavier than your fingering and I haven't blocked it yet (have to wait for Catkin to dry and release the wires) but I think I will like it.