Monday, September 12, 2011


Seven ribbons at the Western Washington Fair this year: two blue, three red, one white, one green. I won first-place blue ribbons for an edging and a shawl (the photos are a little wonky because they are shot through glass in not-great lighting).

Observant readers here will note that the shawl is displayed wrong-side out. Sheesh.

The three second-place red ribbons are for doilies and for a scarf that did not photograph at all because the case where it was displayed had no lights:

The gold doily was designed as a round doily but it did not want to be blocked round. It wanted to be square-ish. I think it is knit a little to tightly to be round. Maybe I'll try it again on a larger needle.

The third-place white ribbon was for a Quincy hat and the green honorable mention ribbon was for Mike's vest.

This year’s fair grand champion in knitting was stunning. I do not know this knitter but she has my great admiration.

One disappointment (aside from displaying the shawl backwards) was that the number of knitting entries seems smaller every year. The number of entries seemed particularly low to me. If we knitters do not step up and start entering things, the whole home arts program could disappear, which would be sad.


Lydia's Threads said...

Sue, your work is stunning. I can see why you got Grand Champion on the sweater! Congratulations! I showed your blog to another knitting friend, and she can hardly wait to meet you!

Sue V said...

No, no, not my sweater! I just loved it and I always like to photograph the grand champion.

Anonymous said...

The Lane County Fair displayed on of my shawls inside out two summers ago, and it was folded!! I totally feel your pain.