Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Plus Cold

This is what what we woke up to this morning in the back yard.

And in the front yard:

It never rose above freezing today and is supposed to drop to the teens and '20s tonight, which means that anything that melted slightly today in the sun, such as snow on the roads, will be frozen tomorrow. Looks like the bus or foot power for me. Yes, we are weather wimps.

The snow and cold didn't seem to bother the Northern Flicker that visits the suet feeder.


Bridget said...

I am jealous, though I would not miss the part where the melted snow turns to ice ...

Wow. You guys really got it!

Anonymous said...

And the folks here are complaining about the cold! I don't miss driving in that, I'm a snow wimp of the worst kind, stay in and knit for survival! love and hugs, Rene'