Sunday, September 23, 2012


Pattern: Heads are Round
from the Top Down by
Christy Cooper
I usually don’t say much about hats and similar items, and this post is not about hats. It is about the yarn. Which I love. And hate.

The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Rittenhouse merino 5-ply.

This is what I like:
  • Manos is a non-profit organization that promotes economic and social opportunities for rural women through yarn. Each of the two skeins I bought included information on the village and the artisan.
  • The colors are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.
  • The yarn is soft and lovely to knit with.

What I hate:
  • Knots. Each skein had at least two knots. Grrrrrrrrrr.
  • The yarn stretches a lot when washed and blocked. I ended up ripping out each hat and re-knitting it with fewer stitches. Yes, I could have swatched. But I have knit dozens and dozens of hats with all kinds of yarn and have never seen one that stretches this much. And I am a tight knitter; I knit these on US4 needles.

I wish the “loves” clearly outweighed the “hates,” but I am not sure.

Boyfriend Hat by
Stephanie Nicole

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Bridget said...

They are pretty hats!

Unless you have some still in your stash, at least you won't be frustrated anymore by Rittenhouse, since it's been discontinued.

I really liked it, so I have to admit to being disappointed.