Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mitteldeckchen III

If you are a lace knitter or want to be of if you just like looking at beautiful lace knitting (or knitted lace; I never can remember the distinction) you need to join the Lacy Knitters Guild. The guild newsletter features members and their knitting, and contains terrific patterns for doilies and edgings, some new, some old. This one, Mitteldeckchen III, called my name.

And it should call my name. It is designed by lace knitting master Eugen Beugler. I immediately grabbed my needles and cast on. The details:
  • Pattern: Mitteldeckchen III by Eugen Beugler in Lacy Knitters Guild 2011-2. According to the pattern notes, the doily combines the center of one doily with the border of a different doily. It has 75 rounds.
  • Thread: Lizbeth, size 40, color 642. Debbie from DS9 Designs carries the Lizbeth in every color and size. This was my first project with Lizbeth, and I was cautious because it is made in China. Based on this first sample, I found it to be a nice thread for knitting, with a crisp finish.
  • Needles: 1.75mm (US00)
  • Finished size: About 12 inches diameter.
I am now going back through my Lacy Knitters newsletters to see what else calls my name.


Bridget said...

Sue, this is stunning! What a masterpiece. How long did it take you to make it?

joan said...

Please stop tempting me with these gorgeous doilies!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, must also take a closer look at my issue! No, must keep packing, lovely temptation! Thanks, René