Monday, March 15, 2010

Old Style

While clearing out a box of old sewing supplies, I found this lovely package of sewing needles.

Based on some superficial Internet research, it appears the packet was produced in Germany before World War I; some suggest it dates from the Spanish-American War (1898). When folded, it is about 4.75 inches wide and 2.5 inches high.

And it appears to have most, if not all, of its needles.

Was this an advertising or promotional item? Sold or given away? If it is from the Spanish-American War era, was it intended to encourage support for the war or to celebrate a victory? Or was the Iowa the focus? How does the German-made Iowa needle book relate to other similar military-themed Army and Navy Needle Books? And why military-themed needle books at all? Sadly, I have more questions than answers.

Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful little piece of sewing history and military history.

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BJ said...

Just a crazy guess, but it's possible the govt. or somebody maybe gave it to troops, who after all have to mend their uniforms, sew on rank insignia, etc.