Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mighty Fine

I had an opportunity to knit with a buffalo-merino blend from Buffalo Gold (I do not know if it is generally available yet). It is mighty fine yarn, in two senses.

First, it is almost cobweb weight, coming in at 400 yarns per ounce.

Second, it is mighty fine to work with. It is extremely soft and luxurious. You want to fondle it, as well as knit with it.
  • Pattern: Glorianna, from Elizabeth I by Jolene Treace.
  • Needles: 3mm. I used plastic needles with a little "drag" to them. The fineness and softness of the yarn did not work well with my slickest needles.
  • Finished size: 7 inches by 60 inches.


m&n said...

WOW! It is gorgeous!

stringplay said...

Oh, my this turned out beautifully! I have that pattern but have yet to work any of the three designs. Your picture gives me a much better look at the design.