Sunday, September 13, 2009

Four Blue Ribbons

Each of my four entries in Lace categories at the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup won a blue ribbon.

My Flutter Scarf won in a category for beads, and even won a Judges Craftsmanship Ribbon (the pink one attached to the blue one, below). I have never won that before so I am really excited.

Mandenblute doily, in the large doily category.

Coronet doily in the small doily category.

And Weeping Willow shawl in the garments category.

Additionally, I won a red ribbon (second place) for a vest in the Knitting section. I usually threaten that Mike has to wear the ribbon when he wears the vest. An idle threat, as it happens.

And an honorable mention for my Lily of the Valley lace scarf, also in the Knitting section.

I am pleased that the judges liked my knitting. The fair attracts so much fabulous knitting of all sorts that judging must be very, very difficult. I would much rather knit than judge.


Bridget said...

Sue, this is amazing! Congratulations on all of your prizes, it's so exciting that you were so successful.

They are all beautiful things, I don't have any trouble seeing how you won ...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see they have smart judges there! Actually your knitting is a winner every time. Very happy for you.

BJ said...

Congratulations! Your pieces are awesome!

Anonymous said...

We do have talent in our knitting group!!! Congrats to you. Naomi

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

Gorgeous pieces, Sue. Congrats on getting well-deserved recognition!

joan said...

Hi Sue... saw them all yesterday and was very impressed. You showed up my two blues (one of which is displayed next to your white scarf.)