Friday, February 27, 2009

Lily of the Valley

Doilies are fun to knit. This one is Lily of the Valley by Herbert Niebling from the new Anna Burda magazine.

  • Thread: Kordonnet 80, made in Slovakia, purchased in Prague a few years ago
  • Needles: 1.5mm
  • 94 rounds
  • Finished size: Approximately 18 inches in diameter


Bridget said...

Beautiful! Lilies of the Valley are one of my favorite flowers.

m&n said...

Again stunning! I need to find a new word to describe your lace.

Anonymous said...

OH my! that is amazing, how long did it take? Do you ever sleep? How wonderful you knit.
Rene' E. Wells

joan said...

Another gorgeous piece. Almost (but not quite) makes me want to do a doily.

Sherilan said...

Wow! Love seeing all your doilies.
I liked the mittens too.