Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Shawlette

I like bright colors most of the time, but especially during the winter. This small shawl, which is Rene' Wells' Bison Shawlette from Luxury One-Skein Wonders fits the bill for the holidays. Rene' cleverly uses three triangles to good effect so the shawl fits nicely over the shoulders.

The yarn is not bison or buffalo. It's Takhi Twiggy Tweed, a discontinued wool yarn. I think I knit six repeats of the main pattern. I put small beads on the bottom points to add a little weight to the bottom. You can't see the beads because they match exactly the color of the yarn, but they do their intended job.


Bridget said...

What a pretty shawl, and color of yarn!

And is that a celebrity modeling it???


Granny an Me designs said...

It looks lovely on you, great color for winter too! Thanks for sharing, I am honored that you included it.
Rene' E. Wells