Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Like Grandma Used To Do

I am still working with some knitted lace edgings that belong to my friend Nancy. She figures they were made by her great-grandmother. The laces, which probably have been packed away for decades, are discolored.

I am cleaning them with a combination of Biz and the sun. The laces spend a few hours soaking in a Biz-water solution, followed by a good rinse. Then I place them on the grass in the sun for whitening. The laces dry beautifully and most of the discoloration is gone.

Laces aren't the only thing that enjoy the sun. Look at my poppies!


Christina said...

Beautiful! I have rolls of crocheted and knit lace from my Swedish mormor and have wondered what to do about the yellowing. I'll try your technique!

Bridget said...

Beautiful edgings and poppies!

Have you been watching "Cranford" on PBS? There's a funny part of one episode where a couple of the women are trying to brighten a lace collar ...