Saturday, March 01, 2008

Waves, Shells and Peacocks

Every so often I decide to knit a doily with variegated thread, an idea that sends some people into spasm. I think that a good result is entirely likely if you match the thread and pattern properly. This one is Waves and Shells from Gloria Penning's "Knitted Heirloom Lace II." It's also design 5, Peacock, in Christine Duchrow's Leaflet 62.

The details:
  • Thread: Clark's Big Ball, size 30
  • Needles: 2.25mm
  • Finished size: 13 inches in diameter


Anonymous said...


This one and the sunshine one are beautiful! How is retirement going?

Bridget said...

I really like your combination of thread and pattern here - they seem to be meant for each other.

Susan said...

Love it! Who said not to knit with pretty colors?!

T-Mom said...

Oooooo! Pretty! I like white doilies, but there's nothing wrong with variegated. I've got a bunch made by my grandmother, and have made one or two myself. Love yours!

HİTO said...

very nice thank you