Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pearl Knot, Not Knit Purl

I decided to expand my repertoire of craft skills with a pearl knotting class at The Bead Factory. I had some beads that needed to be re-strung and decided I could learn to do this myself. This became even more imperative when I learned that a local high-end jewelry store charges $5 a knot to string pearls. The class project was a string of glass pearls, hanging from my fig tree, right. We learned how to knot on silk and on nylon. I'm a silk girl.

With some remedial training — The Bead Factory employees are most helpful and patient — I my broken necklace, below, is now wearable again.

Then I wanted to re-do this jade or jadeite bracelet that I got in Thailand to make it longer. The holes in the beads were too big for knotting, so The Bead Factory employee suggested putting spacers between the beads. Perfect!

Jewelry-making can become as addictive as knitting. If you think you can spend some money in a yarn store, just walk into a bead store.


nurhanne said...

$5 a knot, no wonder you decided to learn yourself! Such lovely colours in your necklace.

butchieg said...

I took the pearl knotting class at The Bead Factory in mid-November. I'm glad you mention the spacers as I experienced the knots slipping into the pearls.

Robin said...

You are such an artist. I wish I had 1/2 the talent to accomlish what you do.

beadntat said...

Tell me about it! I spent a grundle in a hurry buying beading supplies. It wasn't so awful when I was free-lance teaching at my LBS and got a nice discount. After that I started buying wholesale or in bulk (the LBS is pricey!)

Your jewelry looks great! After all, great knitting deserves great jewelry to go with it.