Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Purple Cables

One of my husband's finer qualities — among many fine qualities — is that he likes wearing hand-knits. This one is the British Schoolboy Vest from Cheryl Oberle's "Folk Vests." It's a handsome, traditional vest that I knit in a non-traditional color — purple.

The specifics: Wool Pak 8-ply wool in color Plum (it really is the color of a ripe Italian plum) knit on US4 and US2 needles.

I've made several of the vests in "Folk Vests." It's a great book.


Melanie said...

Now that's a very handsome vest for a handsome fellow. I love the classic styling.

Bridget said...

Sue, it turned out beautifully! And Mike is doing a most excellent job of modeling it. Tell him he can give up the teaching gig if it starts to get old ... ;-)

N. Maria said...

What a great looking vest! Perfect for the weather in WA, too.