Friday, December 29, 2006

Music to Knit By

Last night one of my favorite musicians, Bryan Bowers, played a concert at the public library. He played some of his new songs and some older ones, including one of my favorites, "Life is Hard but It's Hardest When You're Dumb," also known as "The Dumb Song."

I took my knitting along and knit a little before the show and during intermission.

I have been knitting as much as usual recently, just not finishing. However, I did finish an Angel Pearls Beaded Scarf from Sivia Harding. The yarn is a stray skein from my stash: Lamb's Pride fingering weight in a color called Aran on US5 needles. The 6/0 beads, also from stash, are a color called "oil slick matte." Can't have too many scarves, right?


Bridget said...

Beautiful scarf! Isn't it great when something from your stash turns into something beautiful?

Why have I never heard of Bryan Bowers? I mean, anyone who has a song title like that, has to be someone I would like ... :-)

havlu-dantel said...

very good.