Sunday, October 01, 2006

Peacock Feathers

I started Peacock Feathers as a travel project for this past summer's visits to Riga, Vilnius and Prague. I did not count on 90+ degree temperatures, which made working with Misti alpaca, even laceweight alpaca, less than ideal. Probably working with any alpaca would have been uncomfortable. Our hotels had air conditioning, but not the bone-chilling, icicle-forming air conditioning that Americans are used to. Knitting in outdoor cafes while enjoying a fine Latvian, Lithuanian or Czech beer, respectively, wasn't much of an option either; it was still to hot to knit with alpaca. I made a little progress while traveling but not much. I finished it back home.

It's knit on US4 needles. I used two full skeins plus about 20 yards of a third skein.


Bridget said...

Sue, how do you find time to make so many gorgeous shawls?? Each one is more amazing than the other, I swear!

Someday, I may finish my very first shawl ... and no way am I telling you how long ago I started it! :-)

Pen said...

Hi Sue,

Your shawls are beautiful. It almost makes me want to go out and learn how to knit (again)