Saturday, September 16, 2006


I have knit the Fiber Trends Landscape Scarf more than any other pattern. I like everything about it.
  • I like being able to make it in any yarn — especially variegated, handpainted and multicolored yarn — for any season, in any size.
  • I like that it doesn't take much yarn. Most of the Landscapes below used between 200 and 350 yards.
  • I like the way it fits. It doesn't bunch up on the back of the neck.
  • I like the way the selection of yarn and adornments can make a dress-up scarf, a work scarf or a casual scarf.
  • I like that you can tie the ties in front, fasten them with a pin or just let them hang.
  • I like being able to adapt the stitches used. I usually alternate between garter and stockinette in the sections; the original is garter, moss, stockinette, seed and reverse stockinette.
  • I like the variations: I have made it with and without picots, with beads along the edges, with beads on the points, with tassles on the points and with tassels and beads.
  • I like that it's easy enough to be good travel knitting or when you need a project that doesn't take a lifetime to finish.
A few examples from the past two or three years include:

Vintage Villawool Tivoli, cotton-linen-viscose, about sport weight.

Socks that Rock lightweight, color Carbon Dating, with picots. I love this yarn .

Willow Creeek Farm in Roy Washington, Lincoln wool, worsted weight, with tassles wrapped with wire and with a leaf-shaped bead, thanks to the helpful folks at the Bead Factory in Tacoma. Selecting beads can be as mesmerizing and selecting yarn.

And, finally, a laceweight merino-tencel blend from Spor Farm in The Dalles, Oregon. Perfect for summer.


Bridget said...

Absolutely beautiful!

I may just have to try this pattern, after reading your post.

teabird17 said...

Lovely! I've had that pattern for a couple of years and never thought of knitting it in different weights, or variegated - I'll have to put it on my knit-soon list (as opposed to the knit-someday list)